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300 Rosarito Residents Volunteered for Citizen Watch Program

The City of Rosarito in Baja California, Mexico continue in their actions to protect tourists and visitors in Baja from crime and extortion, and this time, the local residents also take part. More than 300 residents of Rosarito City, both local Mexican born residents and expatriates from the United States and other countries, volunteered to take part in the Citizen Council for Assistance to Tourists in Rosarito.

The newly created Tourist-Assistance Citizens’ Watch Program in Rosarito plans to assist and protect tourists by watching and observing for possible problems and difficulties that tourists in Rosarito City may encounter. They would be stationed in public places and tourist hot spots and are then to report these possible problems so that further proactive steps may be taken.

On the 4th of March in 2008, 325 citizen watch volunteers were sworn in at a ceremony held at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Of course, Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres was also present during the induction ceremony at Rosarito Beach Hotel. These Rosarito resident volunteers were made up of people from different sectors of society coming from all walks of life. Students, teachers, business people, government officials, social workers, expatriates, shopkeepers and tourism officials were just some of them.

It is also this month of March that the newly created special tourist police force of Rosarito would begin their patrols in neighborhoods, public areas and tourist districts to prevent tourist extortion and crime from occurring.

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