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2008 Tijuana Art Expo Celebration

The much awaited Tijuana Art Expo is just a few sleeps away and it is expected to reel in thousands of tourists, investors and visitors. The week of April 30 until May 5, 2008 would be the allotted dates for this year’s Tijuana Art Expo which would be held where else but in the Cecut or Centro Cultural Tijuana (also known as the Cultural Center of Tijuana).

This year, the Tijuana Art Expo would not just host artists, craftsmen and women, and artworks from the different municipalities in the Baja California Peninsula but artists and works of art would be coming in from all over Mexico and converging in this US-Mexico border city. Some of the Mexican cities and states that have already confirmed their participation includes, Mexico City, Colima, Oaxaca, Queretaro, Puebla, Morelos, Guerrero, Michoacan, Jalisco and of course, the peninsula of Baja California.

The organizers of the said event includes engineer Javier Lechga Leal who is the principal coordinator for the Tijuana Art Expo, Canirac president Jose Antonio Gonzalez, and Cotuco (committee of Tourism in Tijuana) chairman Ana Alicia Meneses Martinez.

It is also expected that more than 120 craft companies from all over the country would participate in the Tijuana Art Expo and a minimum of 15,000 participant, both locals and tourists, would come to be part of the celebrations. Aside from the showcase of Mexican artistry, craftsmanship and ingenuity, the Tijuana Art Expo would also feature folk dances, live performances, and lots and lots of Mexican food.

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