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2007 Baja 1000 was a Success

One of the major factors that attract tourists to Baja California is its many festivities and events. One such Baja event that has always been much awaited here at Baja and abroad is the Baja 1000, an off-road racing tournament which covers plenty of grounds all over the Baja California peninsula. And this year’s event was deemed a great success not just by the participants and organizers of the events but of the local residents and industry workers as well.

It was reported to the great delight of Baja Secretary of Tourism Mr. Oscar Escobedo Carignan that the event profits exceeded a whooping $2 million dollars. And the event winners were not the only ones left triumphant after the event since hotel, restaurant, shops and other establishment owners in Baja California profited from the influx of tourists that came to Baja in order to witness and participate in the 200 Baja 1000. It was also reported that more than 90% of the hotel rooms and suites found all over Baja California were rented out during the 10th until the 12h of November 2007. Even souvenir vendors and taxis were overwhelmed with business at the sudden flock of tourists even if November was not a tourist peak season.

Baja California tourism officials, Baja 1000 organizers and sponsors are already working together this early in time to get ready for next year’s Baja 1000.

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