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December – month of FIESTAS and winter sunshine!!!

Bahia Asuncion Amiga: Shari Bondy

The weather is cooling down now…gosh sometimes it even gets down to the high 50’s…that’s when the locals bundle up in hats, gloves and coats and all complain about the FRIO! But, the visiting snowbirds still sport shorts and flip flops on the days in the high 60’s and mid 70’s and enjoying the sunshine.

Flowers on display in Bahia Asuncion

Growing up in a snow belt sure makes me appreciate the all round mild climate here in Central Baja. I love it that I can go to the beach pretty much any day and the ocean is warm enough to swim in.

Baja has an incredible amount of sunshine…even in December. The winter storms coming down from the north mostly peter out before they get this far or bring a bit of cloud, wind and hopefully some rain to nourish the plants…so the pithaya fruits are plentiful and the area will explode with flowers in the coming weeks.

It never ceases to amaze me how flowers bloom in December…my garden is full of plants in bloom which is such a delight to look at when we are relaxing in the sunshine on the patio. Here are some of my garden’s December blooms.

The December holiday season is a real family affair with big Christmas dinner gatherings as well as lots of weddings and posadas. Family and friends come from far and wide to be together. The food is plentiful and mood is festive…and a far cry from all the hustle & bustle north of the border.

All of us here in Central Baja wish you a very happy holiday season!



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