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Big Swells Bring Good Things

Big Swells in Bahia Asuncion

Living in a fishing village means our lives revolve around the sea and her states. Fishing depends on the weather and waves.

Last week the internet sites predicted big swells to arrive here on the midwest coast of Baja. This forecast means different things to different people and results in a change of plans from the everyday routine.

Big Swells in  Bahia Asuncion

Surfers ask for days off work and race to get to their favorite breaks for the event. The young surfers in school suddenly come down with stomach flu, only cured by grabbing their board and paddling out to meet the swells.

To the abalone fishermen it means several days off because they cannot harvest abalone in big waves, so people happily plan what they will do with their free days. Many will get to do what they have not been able to do during the busy fishing season, like visit family in other villages, fix their cars, or get a building project done.


And I just cant get enough of watching the powerful waves thundering in like freight trains…smashing against the rocks here at the Blowhole shooting water sky high. I love taking photographs of the monster swells and the west coast roads are busy with folks driving out to have a look at the dramatic wave action…taking video and pictures and posing in front of the smashing waves.


The giant waves usually only last a couple days and when they begin to subside is when the beachcombers compete to find the delicious pismo clams that wash up on the beaches. Clam ceviche and cocktails are the food of choice after a big swell rolls through.

It also means when you live a stones throw from the blowhole, all the windows need washing! A small price to pay for such a fantastic show of nature!


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Shari Bondy has lived in Central Baja for over 20 years, and in Bahía Asuncion for 10 years. She and her husband, Juan both love Baja and play a very active role in their local community. Shari is involved in the gray whale research in Bahia, in addition to being a tour guide, English teacher, sailor and a tourism operator.

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