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Steven Dryden, Baja Wine Aficionado

Steve Dryden is considered to be Mexico’s top wine writer in the English language. Passionate about wine and horticulture, Steve’s career has taken him to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Born and educated in Mission Beach, California, he worked as a seasonal park ranger (Naturalist) and taught environmental education for the National Park Service in California, Arizona, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Hawaii and Midway Island.In 1982, he began working for Deer Park Winery of Escondido and St. Helena, California, which sparked in him a deeper interest in the wine culture. This influenced his next career focus towards wine and culinary journalism. In 2004, Steve purchased a small property in Mexico’s premier wine country – our very own Baja California! He planted a vineyard of Nebbiolo vines and began his first attempts at creating a drinkable wine. Soon he began promoting this newly emerging wine region; he began writing for several regional, national and international publications about the Mexican wine and culinary industries. He also started publishing a self-guided wine tour booklet, and has now expanded his vino-communication network into social media, web and blog sites – which brought him to!Over the last four years he has broadened his wine and culinary articles, covering the wine regions from BC to BC (Baja California to British Columbia) via his annual road trips. Steve’s latest venture has been co-creating Wine Culture Communications™ with filmmaker Adrian Ruiz. This project has these two wine and cuisine aficionados traveling the global wine culture in search of bottled treasures of delight, gourmet food and adventure, while gathering data and conducting research for their educational film documentary programs.

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