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Seth Balliett, Amigo Creativo

sethballiett-profile-2_0Seth was born and raised in upstate New York and now lives on the coast of Maine. Unfazed by cold weather, Seth finds surfing the icy Maine coastline in the winter full of peace and solitude – partly due to the understandably empty lineups.

While Seth has appeared in cold water surf documentaries (where he was known as Rubberman), he is best known for his art. Seth makes remarkably unique, torn-paper portraits — and was recently awarded ‘Visual Artist of the Year’ by RAW, the Independent Arts Organization based in Los Angeles ( He is also a highly successful and established Design Director with Pierce (

Seth credits the secluded woods where he grew up, along with his supportive family, in bringing out his creativity and inspiring him to let his imagination run wild. When he’s not working, Seth enjoys surfing and throwing a ball for his dog Mia. He can also be found eating Trader Joe’s peaches from a jar.