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Nikki Goth Itoi, Content Maestro

For more than a decade, Nikki Goth Itoi has explored Baja California by land and sea, with extended stays on both the Pacific and Gulf coasts. She has snorkeled with whale sharks and giant manta rays in La Paz Bay, learned to scuba dive at Pulmo Reef, and escorted baby turtles into the sea. When not in the water or on the beach, she enjoys meeting fellow travelers and finding new places to eat fresh, local food.

A native of New York State, Nikki is also the author of Moon Hudson River Valley. She has traveled throughout Mexico, Europe, Asia, and the United States for work and fun. When not on the road, Nikki finds time for swimming, backpacking, and teaching her kids to ski. She lives in Northern California with her husband, Paul, and their two sons.