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Mike Norman, Bajatographer

John Michael “Mike” Lee Norman is a cinematographer with a passion for the region of Baja. He is an advocate for many of the causes in Baja and helps bring these to light via film. Born in Hollywood, California, he was exposed to the magic of movie making and the richness of living amongst a diversity of cultures from a very young age. He studied filmmaking at the Vancouver Film School, and producing and directing at California’s Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.Mike’s technical camera skills, always in demand, have allowed him to satisfy his desire to travel and he has spent many years of his life travelling the world. From filming fashion shows in Milan, London and Paris, to taping commercials in Argentina, Thailand and Tokyo, to shooting music videos in Istanbul and the Pacific North West, and also working on the television series 21 Jumpstreet and the first season of “Northwoods”, Mike has been all over the world!Throughout his travels, Mexico and its people have always tugged at Mike’s heartstrings. From a younger age when he first visited Mexico, something about the land and its people called to him. Jumping at every opportunity to work in Mexico, Mike has now been involved in promotional commercials and short films about Mexico, he produces a travel documentary television show called “BAJA SOL”, and now he is involved with! Mike’s work showcasing the land and people of Mexico allows him to share his passion with the rest of the world.