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Meghan Fitzpatrick, Marketing & Communications

Growing up in London as a dual citizen, British and American, Meghan has always found herself to be at ease in multicultural surroundings. Having lived in the UK, Uganda, France and the USA, Meghan enthusiastically joined the multicultural team in June of 2011. As a lover of travel, adventure, fitness and sunshine, coming to work in Baja was a natural fit for Meghan.

Growing up in London, Meghan attended TASIS, an American international school. It was deemed to be an international school because roughly 45% of the student body was American and the other 55% was from all over the world. This, in addition to London’s convenient location to the European continent and Africa, led to Meghan developing a deep love for travel and a very strong cross cultural sensitivity. Meghan speaks English, French and Spanglish, and is determined to one day (very soon) be fluent in Spanish!

After many years of living in the UK, and traveling extensively throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, Meghan finally moved to the USA, to Los Angeles, where she attended UCLA, graduating with a degree in English Literature and a love for sunshine! Since graduating from UCLA, Meghan has worked in advertising and marketing roles in London, including spending a year working on the Marketing Team for Wonderbra UK. Meghan’s combined passion for writing, social media, cultural exchange, travel and sunshine has led her to her current position at and she is now based between London, Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas.