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Marla Bitterlin, Food & Events Coordinator

Coming from a family with a long history in Baja, Marla’s love for the region started when she was young. As soon as she was old enough to start working, her father encouraged her to learn more about Baja and its rich and beautiful history and culture. Marla started promoting major tourism-related events each year for Baja – something she has now been doing for 12 years.Born in San Diego, Marla then lived in Mexico until she was 16, after which she was sent to boarding school in Virginia for a year to learn to speak English fluently. After a year in Virginia, she moved to San Diego for her final years of high school where she began university. She ultimately earned her degree in Italy, from Academia del Giglio. Marla has traveled extensively, including having lived in Mexico, France and Italy in addition to the United States. As a result of her travels and multicultural upbringing, Marla can speak Spanish, English, French and Italian fluently. She currently resides in San Diego.