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Kristopher Torra, SEO & Research Analista

Our jack of all trades, tech whizz, and SEO master, Kristopher Torra was born in Mexico City and has thus far been fortunate enough to have lived in some of the world’s most vibrant cities, including Buenos Aires, Guadlajara and San Francisco. Currently he resides in Todos Santos where he works in the offices.Kris studied Economics at the University Anáhuac in México City, though he considers his greatest educational highlights to be travelling around the world and discovering new passions as he goes. He particularly likes cinematography, social-marketing, art and design, and eco-tourism. As a speaker of both Spanish and English, and a lover of Baja and the environment, Kris was a perfect fit for the team.Always ready for excitement and new opportunities, Kris came to Baja on a whim when a friend suggested they bike down from San Francisco together. Kris rose to the challenge and finished his journey in Todos Santos! Baja appeals to Kris because of its natural beauty and because of his love of the outdoors. Outside of work, aside from riding his bicycle thousands of miles at a time across deserts, Kris also enjoys hiking and trekking through beautiful and natural landscapes, reading whatever literature is local to where he is living, painting, and photography. He also enjoys teaching both Spanish and English to his friends and colleagues.