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Keith H. Malone, Relaciones Publicas

Keith comes to from a long and colorful history working for grassroots campaigns and multicultural non-profit organizations in Los Angeles as a proud third-generation Angeleno. Keith’s career choice was kicked into gear in the sixth grade when he ran against his twin sister for student body president – and won (sorry sis!). Now Keith follows political campaigns like most guys follow football.
Keith attended Occidental College in Los Angeles where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in American Studies. He later went on to earn a Master of Arts in Communication Management from UCS’s Annenberg School of Communication.Now with more than 20 years of public relations and public affairs experience, Keith has helped multicultural and environmental non-profit organizations, elected officials and political candidates communicate and build relationships with their stakeholders.

When Keith is not campaigning for the greater good, he enjoys gardening with California native plants and classic movies, including his favorite movie is Harold and Maude.