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Jonathan Roldan, La Paz Amigo

Jonathan Roldan has been working in Baja since 1996 but has been writing about it for over 2 decades.  Now living in La Paz where he and his wife, Jill, own and run the Tailhunter International Fishing Fleet ,  they also run their Tailhunter Restaurant Bar located on the famous La Paz Malecon waterfront.

Jonathan has published thousands of articles and won numerous awards for his writing.  He has been published in numerous books, magazines and been featured on a number of television shows.  His family originally hails from Hawaii.  He spent many years working in restaurants after high school, but returned to college later and obtained a degree in journalism and public relations with a minor in political science.  He worked for many years in radio and TV including producing for CBS radio/TV.

He returned to school and obtained his law degree from Loyola University and practiced law until 1995 when he decided to take a year off and work on the East Cape of Baja north of Cabo San Lucas helping run a small hotel, fishing fleet and restaurant.  Strange things happened and he never went back to the suit-and-tie!

Currently, Jonathan has been writing the Baja Column for Western Outdoor News since 2004 and published close to 600 columns since then. He continues to contribute to numerous other publications and on-line sites.