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Douglas Wittnebel

Douglas Wittnebel is an architect and artist with a passion for exploring new ways of thinking and traditional means of expression. He rejoined Gensler in 1998 as managing director for the Gensler Tokyo office, and was promoted to Principal in December 2000. Currently living and working in the Bay Area on a variety of projects in workplace, retail, and technology. Most recently, he joined Gensler’s East Bay office in San Ramon as the Design Director. Prior to that, he worked in the Gensler San Francisco and Los Angeles offices for many years.Douglas’ work includes Interior Design and Space Planning for professional service firms, corporate, retail, high technology, and architecture. His work is characterized by his ability to re-think problems, not just solutions. His creativity, expressive sketches and ability to translate ideas into functional designs have brought viable solutions to his in-house teams as well as his clients. His newest focus has been the digital tablet, the iPad, and the new ways in which the applications for drawing and painting can be used to push forward with expressive images