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Dawn Pier, East Cape Amiga

In 2002, I packed the remains of a life I no longer wanted into the bed of my silver Nissan pickup and drove west across Canada, South down the Pacific Coast Highway and on into Mexico. Stopping just short of the tip of the Baja Peninsula, I settled in the tiny village of Cabo Pulmo where I learned the ins and outs of off-grid living and community-based conservation. You see, while following my dream to learn to surf, I’d stumbled across a unique coral reef in the Sea of Cortez that John Steinbeck would have agreed needed more protection. The resulting adventures I had with waves, sea turtles and men are the focus of a memoir I’m writing.

Today, some ten years after moving to Mexico, I still live on an isolated beach, just a little further south on the peninsula, with a posse of six dogs and an illiterate, sometimes savant caretaker who often speaks in a tongue that the locals can’t even understand. I surf most days, kiteboard when the wind blows and otherwise write, do yoga and contemplate just how far I’ve come since the days in Canada when I worked as an environmental biologist 70 hours a week. In addition to writing for and working on my memoir, I maintain a personal blog on WordPress.