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Dan & Lisa Goy, Baja Amigos

Canadians Dan and Lisa Goy, who operate Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours, have been camping in Mexico since 1985.  Their children were small (2 & 4 years old) and both their parents were convinced they would be murdered and grandkids kidnapped!  They entered Mexico in late October at Tijuana and followed Mex 1 down Baja, moving from beach to beach and a few campgrounds along the way.  They took a ferry from Cabo San Lucas to Puerto Vallarta on the mainland and spent most of December just outside of Acapulco in Pie de la Questa.  While in Bahia de los Angeles on Baja they met Antonio Resendiz who invited them to his parents house in Mexico City for Christmas and that is where they went.  They eventually made their way home after their 4-month long life altering adventure. They had both fallen in love with Mexico.


There is no doubt this experience changed their lives forever and they have continued to embrace RVing in Mexico in the winter whenever possible and regularly since 2002.  Their Mexican camping experience was more than just tropical sun & fun, they recognized the culture and customs are truly unique and the people always wonderful, willing to help and ready to make new friends that often last a lifetime.  This was the genesis to their decision to start Baja Amigos in 2008 and share this passion and positive experience of Mexico camping with other RVers.