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Christopher (Topher) Erkelens, Regional Director

Christopher Erkelens was Born in Guatemala to German and American parents. His multicultural upbringing has afforded him a natural ability and comfort in bridging communication (verbally and in writing) between highly segregated/dissimilar cultures and languages. Chris speaks English and Spanish fluently, and is conversant in German and French. Chris began his career in (and love affair with) Baja developing luxury oceanfront communities and serving as the lead coordinator on the Las Ventanas Tithe Committee – which granted over $250,000 to non-profits serving Baja’s most under-served citizens. In 2009, Chris combined his deep commitment to authentic communication, a passion for digital media, and love for Baja California, to spearhead the Regional Economic Advancement Coalition (REAC). The coalition joined influential thought-leaders from Mexico and the USA in a comprehensive effort to restore Baja’s image through it’s web-centric initiative: BAJAcentral. Most recently, Chris served as the VP of Marketing for DCMcreative, a boutique marketing co-lab, specializing in marketing strategy and brand development. Currently, Christopher, his wife Rebecca, and two girls Alia (2) and Claire (1) have joined the team, in Todos Santos.