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Chris Sands, Baja Scribe

Chris Sands is a freelance writer who has published over 100 articles about the Los Cabos area, and regularly contributes to the periodicals Cabo Social and Los Cabos Magazine, the online travel guides 10Best and NileGuide, and the Baja newspaper nonpareil Gringo Gazette.

Chris grew up in the small town of Jeffersonville in Southern Indiana, a shipbuilding outpost that once produced paddle wheel steamers for the Ohio and Mississippi River trades. After studying English Literature at Indiana University, he honored a long-held family tradition by enlisting in the U.S. Navy. This four year commitment included participation in United Nations peacekeeping efforts during the Yugoslavian Civil War, as well as memorable trips to Italy, Israel, and other semi-exotic ports of call.

After mustering out of the Navy, Chris did what most people with English degrees do: he became a bartender. Ultimately, his love of beer and wine led him to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he spent years studying and drinking, drinking and studying, before being certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2009. During his time in Northern California, he also received his M.A. in Humanities from San Francisco State University.

In addition to drinking beer and wine, Chris loves to write and to travel. And, after years of trial and error, he finally found a way to be compensated for these leisurable pursuits. He currently lives in Cabo, and is a frequent contributor to