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Carla White, Ensenada Amiga

carlwhite-bajaCarla White is a freelance writer, public relations/marketing consultant and event organizer based in Ensenada, Baja, California.  Carla and her husband Jim moved to Baja in 2003 from the Los Angeles area believing that, thanks to the internet and satellite communications, they could continue working from home while enjoying a richer, more affordable lifestyle.  So far, they’ve been right.Carla has a Master’s degree in communication arts from Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, California.  Her experience includes nearly 10 years with the Los Angeles Times (ultimately managing the Times Special Events/Charities program), and managing public/community relations programs for the Specialty Coffee Association of American, Art Institute of Los Angeles and the Motion Picture & Television Fund.  She was also co-owner of Millennium Marketing, which created an innovative strategy for 46 California wineries to market their boutique wines directly to consumers.   Since living in Baja, she has been editor of the Baja Breeze magazine, written numerous articles for the Baja Times, is a co-organizer of the Baja Book Festival, and continues to provide freelance travel/food articles to the Los Angeles Times custom publishing division.Carla and Jim have traveled extensively, acknowledging that it is always with a deep sense of satisfaction that they returns to their home in Mexico.  They continue to explore and be thrilled by this vast country and, in particular, Baja California.  Carla shares her Baja experiences through her writing.  Her mission:  To search out Mexico’s hidden gems and share them with any and all who have a passion for discovery.