Guaycura Restaurant

Guaycura Style

This restaurant uses an interesting mix of Mexican and international ingredients such as huitlacoche, corn, epazote, fresh local cheese, vegetables, peppers, truffle oil, solarina vinegar, local fruits and vegetables, as well as the freshest fish caught the same day of its preparation in the Cala de Ulloa in the Pacific Ocean, as well as seafood from the nearby Sea of Cortez. The chef chooses all ingredients personally to create dishes that will make your dining experience as genuine as life in Todos Santos.

Guaycura’s Chef

Chef Alejandro Aran Sanchez is enthusiastic and passionate about his country as well as its cuisine. In his gastronomic creations he seeks to capture traditional flavors from his childhood experiences in Veracruz and blend them with European and local techniques he has learned along the way working with French, Italian and Mexican chefs and adding his unique touch to each dish. Among his most famous recipes a huatape de camarones (shrimp in a herbal sauce), fresh cheese mousse, and chimangos (pork tenderloin) prepared with a ​​guava sauce.


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