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Bob Marlin Bar & Restaurant

Bob Marlin Bar & Restaurant

Bob Marlin Bar & Restaurant is the only place where you feel you are transported to the beach, being in the center of Todos Santos.

Bob Marlin is the restaurant in Todos Santos where you can have a cool beer, eat excelent sushi, hear to great music and meet interesting people. The specialty of the place comes from the owner himself René Miranda, also known as “La Rana René” (Kermit the frog), who is the bartender, he prepares special cocktails which are unique. The place is known in Todos Santos for their good prices, and is also a good spot to watch a football game or a boxing match.

Happy Hour

Bob Marlin’s famous  happy hour is from 6 – 8 pm, beers and margaritas are at an incredible low price which brings lot of people and an excellent ambient.

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