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Full Version: Ensenada Wine Festival - 2008
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Click on this link for a schedule of activities:
sounds interesting. i like the new events listing in this site its the only one ive seen that's updated almost everyday. other sites for baja feature events already finish around a month or sometimes several years ago. thanks for the heads up teniente!
yea i cant agree more. and considering that baja is so conveniently located and is always jumping with fiestas and events, posting details about baja events would be very useful to visitors and travelers. looking forward to more events in baja, hope to see some of you guys there too!
We will be in Ensenada for the Wine Festival from August 6th to August 15th..........should be a good time!!!!
post some pictures when you're back!
Slight correction on the dates. This year it's August 2 - 17 weekend to weekend. + Free event on August 2
The Association of Viniculture organizes an annual wine festival that showcases the best wines in Ensenadas Valle de Guadalupe. T A sensory wine pairing experience featuring contemporary gourmet cuisine created with local ingredients while enjoying a spectacular tango performance.
Winemakers from Ensenada region produce a full range of types and styles of wine. Mexican wines from this area have achieved international recognition, and are exported to Europe, the United States and Canada in increasing quantities. Most wineries offer tours and wine tasting.
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