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Full Version: how much is a sailboat?
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hey guys, anyone here own a yacht or sailboat? can you give me a vague figure of how much you paid for it, maintenance expenses and whatever else you need to pay to keep a boat? thanks so much!
Yes I would be interested in knowing as well, I would love to have a sailboat, not that I could use it here (land locked!!!), but our place in Baja, it would be wonderful!
i saw this site called boatquest and they had a few listings there although i dont know if those are really the usual commercial prize of boats in baja. i hope someone can help me because i am trying to save up for one. thanks in advance guys
Hey, we have a small trailerable sailboat for sale really cheap...$800, this is an Aquarius 23 with fold up keep and drop mast and a great boat to learn on. Some guys bought it to learn to sail on and sailed it from San Diego down to our place in Bahia Asuncion and just left it and flew home so will sell it for what they paid for it.
yaesu: thanks yaesu! hahaa

blowhole: wow! lucky you! i hope someone abandons a boat in front of my beach house too Big Grin
wooh! you serious man? then just left the boat and flew off? wish i had neighbors like that...
this is a little of the topic but there's a area about 3 miles from the shore in cabo san lucas where you can dive and see sunken yachts and sail boats. funny thing is a lot of them are not that old, some are pretty new. they sink old ships in that area i think
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