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Full Version: Hacienda Encantada Resort & Spa experience
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hey again baja lovers! as i have said in my previous thread in this forum, i recently attended a wedding in los cabos which left a really good impression on me.

During the week that we were in los cabos which the wedding of my cousin would be held, we stayed at a resort called Hacienda Encantada Resort & Spa. Although there are several dozens of resorts and hotels in los cabos, and even more all throughout the peninsula of baja california, i have to say that the hacienda encantada resort and spa was one of the most comfortable and scenic baja resorts i have had the pleasure in spending a couple of nights in.

i shared a double room with my sister and we were both amazed at the beauty of the room. inside it was all comfortable and interesting, with hardwood furniture, colorful woven carpets and rugs, and an amazingly large kitchen. i didnt even notice that the resort spa was not completely finished with its construction yet cause the really nice interiors blew me away instantly. this is a very new resort and i cannot wait for it to be completely finished since i am sure there are several other comfortable and amazing suites and villas the hacienda encantada resort and spa would offer.

and even the view from outside the suites and villas of the hacienda encantada resort spa were breathtaking, all cliffs, blossoming cacti and deep blue waves. you can even get a glimpse of the famous lover's arch from this spectacular los cabos resort.

baja lovers should definitely visit the hacienda encantada resort & spa and experience for themselves the kind of privacy, comfort and beauty that i found there! Cool
It sounds amazing!

Do you have any pictures to share?
yeah we want pictures! im thinking of getting hitched with my girlfriend of 4 years too and i cant think of any great venue for the wedding (and by great i mean cheap). sounds like this is a great resort. do you know if their offer packages and stuff?
i everyone, sorry it took so long. i placed the pictures along with an article on the travel and hotel section of the site. here's the link so its easier to see them
thanks admin! these pictures are great, this Hacienda Encantada resort looks really amazing. the mrs and i are already talking about where to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, i showed her the pictures and she loved the place right away. i should probably start saving up eh? Big Grin
DH and I are owners there. We love it!
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